CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Larry Pack, one of West Virginia’s leading conservatives and most successful business leaders, announces his candidacy for the Republican nomination for West Virginia Treasurer today. Pack will announce his candidacy in his hometown of Charleston with his wife Lisa, children, hundreds of friends and prominent state Republicans, United States Senator Shelley Moore Capito and Governor Jim Justice. Pack is a Pro-Jobs, Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment Republican who has spent his life growing businesses and creating good paying jobs for thousands of West Virginians. 
“Today I announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for West Virginia Treasurer, and I promise to run a strong campaign that reaches every corner of the state so I can earn the votes of the wonderful people of West Virginia,” said Larry Pack. “The Lord has blessed me in many ways and among His greatest blessings was making me a lifelong resident of West Virginia. I want to do everything I can to help this state create a stronger, better future so our children and grandchildren can live, work, go to church and raise their families here,” he continued. 
Pack is a Certified Public Accountant who attended public schools in Kanawha County, went on to graduate from West Virginia Institute of Technology and began and operated very successful healthcare businesses which employed thousands of people across the state. He is also a former member of the West Virginia House of Delegates and currently serves as a senior advisor to Republican Governor Jim Justice. 
Pack said he will focus on three main areas when elected West Virginia State Treasurer:  First, Pack will fight back against liberal Washington Democrats like Joe Biden who want to use the hard-earned tax dollars of West Virginians to promote woke, liberal policies that hurt West Virginia’s job market and economy.  
 Second, Larry Pack will work every day to make sure the government is living within its means and not wasting our tax dollars on wasteful government spending. If we expect to grow our economy and create jobs, we must make sure our government continues to keep its own checkbook balanced.  
 Finally, through our education system, Pack wants to make sure the next generation of West Virginians is taught how to better understand finances. If we want to grow more businesses here and create jobs, our young people deserve to learn how to balance budgets, know what profits and losses mean and meet payrolls. Pack believes we should focus more on responsible financial literacy along with math, science, English and history instead of indoctrinating our kids with radical, liberal social ideologies in our public schools.  


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