FIDELIS GAMMA CHAPTER OF ALPHA DELTA KAPPA      The Fidelis Gamma Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa International Honorary Organization for Women Educators met at Froehlich’s Classic Corner in Steubenville, Ohio, on September 7, 2023, with President Diane Higgins presiding.      Members entered the meeting to a room decorated with the Sunflower theme.      President Higgins welcomed the members and recognized members that have been missing due to illness or accidents.  The “Thought for the Day” was given by Chaplain Bonnie Queses as she shared “Gift of Love: with a moral to her story – real beauty.  Queses gave the prayer and blessing.      The minutes were presented by Ruth Fuller which were approved. Treasurer Carolyn Allison gave the financial report.  Allison will send a Visa Card gift to the International Teacher Educator, and Eileen Snyder will include a post card picture of the Chester, WV, Teapot display.     Fraternity Education was presented by President Higgins as she asked each member to share the number of years devoted teaching, and how many schools each member had taught in over the years.       Shirley Washam volunteered to be Chairman of Alpha Delta Kappa Month.       Fuller thanked the members that were collecting the newspaper articles.  Fuller reminded the members that she would send an email notice each meeting month.               Greeting cards were circulated and signed for “Sisterly Concerns”.       September birthdays were recognized within the chapter.  Donna Roman – 7th, and Eileen Snyder – 28.  The hostesses were Carolyn Allison, Ruth Fuller, and Eileen Snyder.      President Higgins commented on the beautiful colors used as the Sunflower theme.        Elaine McClung made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Liz Pugh second the motion.  Motion carried.  The members closed the meeting by singing “The Lamp of Alpha Delta Kappa.”