Oak Glen fans are concerned about the progress on the upgrades to their softball and baseball complex.  A recent work session had Superintendent Dan Enich, Assistant Superintendent Dave Smith and Jim Sauer of J.T. Sauer & Associates taking a hard look at the steps and schedule that would upgrade the fields in the most cost-efficient manner while ensuring the drainage issues that plague the area are addressed.

The “Fields of Dreams” will have lights, a new arch and   new scoreboards in time for its softball and baseball season in March 2024, according to Board of Education Vice-President Ed Fields.

The field, however, will not have new turf installed on the fields in time for next year’s playing season.    Assistant Superintendent Dave Smith said that both fields will be done at the same time after the 2024 playing season concludes, a savings of $125,000.00.Contractors were able to work through a mild winter last year, but school officials are reluctant to take the chance that the 2023/24 winter would bring the same mild temperatures and lack of snow that would enable them to continue to work throughout  those months should work begin now.

Smith also noted doing core drillings is critical to ensuring there is no drainage issue on the field that would later cause problems.

There appears to be consensus among all the parties involved that doing the fields right is more important than doing them quickly.  And, as stewards of the taxpayers’ money, saving $125,000 cannot be overlooked.

I agree.