AND THEN AGAIN…….By Tamara Pettit

………Election 2024 is creeping up on us and some interesting developments have occurred.  Speculation had been that Attorney Allyson Cowden would run for Hancock County Prosecutor, but it looks now that she will run for Brooke County Prosecutor..   Is that possible if  she lives in Hancock County?   Yes.   I’ve always found it strange that a prosecuting attorney or even assistant prosecutor doesn’t need to be a resident of the County in which he/she is running.  Current Brooke County Prosecutor Joe Barki is a Wheeling resident.  Cowden, a Hancock County resident,  is currently an assistant prosecutor in Brooke.  Barki is running for the Circuit Court Judicial seat currently held by veteran Judge Ron Wilson. Dem. Executive Committee Chair Kathy Link said the Committee had talked to Attorney Alex Risovich about the possibility of a run for the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office, but she was unsure if he was interested in doing so.

…….While Cowden hasn’t announced yet, she posted a Facebook photo of herself in front of the Brooke County Judicial Annex with a caption “stay tuned.”   I questioned the fact that she took the quasi-campaign photo in front of the Brooke County Judicial building.  It is not a violation, however, since she is not the seated prosecutor.   If she were, it would be a violation of the Ethic’s Act cause it would imply an endorsement.   I was there in the 1989 session when this strange animal we called Ethics Act was passed.  It changed a lot of practices in a lot of campaigns and created a lot of confusion.   Cash used to be king. Election day cars were paid for in cash ($75 was the going rate before the practice ended). Cash became a forbidden contribution because it couldn’t be tracked.  

……It took a while for that to sink in. I remember being with Governor Gaston Caperton at a fundraiser when someone handed me a $50 bill and said it was a contribution to the Governor’s campaign.  As we took our seats on the stage, I handed Gaston the $50 and said “that man wants to make a contribution.”  Gaston face went white as he explained to me. “We don’t take cash……ever….never.  Give it back.”   Well since the man had left, and the $50 was obviously illegal contraband, I simply put it on a table and left it in the fundraiser hall.  I learned very quickly to be cautious after that experience..

….The Democratic Executive Committee is seeking Democratic candidates to run for House of Delegates, Senate and Grant District County Commission (remember current commissioner Jeff Davis has changed his registration to Republican.)  I received a letter from Chairman Kathy Link asking me if I would consider running for any of the offices.  She said similar letters were sent to former Del. Randy Swartzmiller and former Commissioner Mike Swartzmiller.

……I told Kathy it was very good of them to think of me, but I would not be a candidate.  My time as a legislator was a great experience and I felt good about what I was able to accomplish, but I would not care to try it again.  The political climate has changed; I have changed and thoroughly enjoy what I am fortunate enough to be doing.  It will take energy, enthusiasm and serious financial support along with a Democratic candidate that is seriously committed to a campaign  to go door-to-door if the Democrats are to capture any of the Republican-held seats.   Anything less and a candidate is just a sacrificial lamb

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