Alesia Brogdon from Hancock County received special recognition from Democratic leaders in honoring her as one of West Virginia’s Outstanding Democrats of the Year. This Outstanding Democrat was selected by local county leaders for hard work and dedication to the Democratic Party in Hancock County. Alesia received tribute from Democrats assembled at the recent Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner Celebration held at the Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center, in Charleston, WV on Saturday, October 28, 2023. This year’s keynote speaker was Chair Anderson Clayton, from North Carolina, the youngest Democratic Chair in the country.
Karen Coria, a Putnam County Democratic leader and coordinator of the 38th Annual Awards Ceremony indicated that the award was established to recognize local party officials and volunteers whom Democratic leaders feel have contributed most to the party’s efforts. “Our goal is to recognize these special people who have distinguished themselves by contributing to our society, by working within the framework of our democracy and political party system,” Coria said