Francis Katnik to Caron Elizabeth Rodgers – $17,000.00

Michael Young to Shawn M. Young, Sarah Young

Mountaineer Group Investments, Inc to Pamela Riggi

Mountaineer Group Investments, Inc. to Wilfong Revocable Trust

Pill & Pill Revocable Trustee to Dante Jeter. $17,245.00

Amber Marino, Katlyn Marino to Robert Convery, Kendra Convery – $136,900.00

Grant Keystone Trust,Shelby Jean Gianni, trustee to Amber Marino, Kaitlyn Marino – $245,500.00

Kristine Smurda to Nancy Kay Marie Smurda

Christopher Graham to Jonathan Cottrill

Melissa Ann Miller to Michael D. Bailey – $171,000.00

Thomas Angelo to Stacey Angelo, Christina Angelo

Cheryl Sue Ut, Gary Gene Horton to Dannelle Ivanna Gardner – $105,000.00

Bethsandra Ash, Catherine Colzbrese, John Colabrese to Bethsandra Ash

Chester Housing Inc. dba Westminster Place to US Dept of Agriculture

Robinson Irrevecable Trust to Joshua Callahan – $245,000.00

Pamela Moore to Kuster Properties – $37,500.00

Merenda Construction to John Merenda, Charles Samuel Merenda

Dock Realty to Zeke Rentals

Estate of Mary Ann Liberto to Michael Liberto, Mark Anthony Liberto

Amy Davis, Shannon Geer, Penny Tibbs to Zackery Decker – $75,500.00

Weirton  MHP to Oz Pariser – $115,000.00

Paul Montgomery to Howard Group Investments  $115,000.00

John Cashdollar, Nicole Erwin to Dakota Holbrook – $89,750.00

Aunica Biela to Brandi Marie Lance – $135,000.00

Premier Bank to Forty 66 Ltd.- $19,500.00

Kenneth Nicholson, Brian Nicholson to Amber Merkel – land contract

Brian Andrews, Joan Andrews to Big Rock Properties – land contract

Edna Virtue Irrevocable Trust to Michele Kriznik

John Janura, Jr. to Trina Janura, Patricia Janura

John Janura, Jr. to Trina Janura, Patricia Janura

Joyce Paulette Wilson to Erin Erickson – $180,000.00

Brooke Newborn, Paul Thomas Newborn, Annette Newborn to Shayne Garrity – $106,000.00

Julie Olmstead, Donald Olmstead, Bonnie Kendall, Glenn Kendall to Andrew Bailey – $170,000.00

Estate of David Lemoyne White to Kenneth Whitman – $27,366.00

Thomas Fante to Wendy Ralston

Harzell Lancaster, Carmella Lancaster,  Harzell Lancaster, atty n fact, Julia Beynon by atty n fact, Cheryll Ivill by atty n fact to  Paul Hommer, III – $79,000.00

Scott Freeman to Dorothy Byers

Dorothy Byers to Dominique Dober,  Nathan Dober – $205,000.00

Virginia Diantonio to Magnone Properties – $100,000.00

Bonnie Mae Bailey to Penny Briggs

Bonnie Mae Bailey to Gilbert Bailey

R&S Investment to First Class Realty – $100,000.00

Shawn Young, James Jenkins to First Class Realty – $100,000.00

Dave Yoho to Joseph Pulice, Angela Pulice –

Kevin Ginier to Charles Lano – $61,158.37

Diane Holbrook to Daniel David Holbrok, Nancy Holbrok

WV State Auditor to HLLC – $1,800.00

Robert Rosnick to Richard Alexander Colianni, Ruby Victoria Deering – $154,900.00

Robert Runkel by poa to James Curtician – $170,000.00

Roy Leasure, Janice Fae Summers to Lee Hartley, Jr. – $152,000.00

David Baker to Crystal Baker

Evelyn Wargo to Barbara Tunanidis – $20,000.00

John Mehaffey, Tamiki Mehaffey to William Okey Leasure – $59,000.00

Rodney Rosnick, Robert Gilbert to Domenick Murphy – $155,000.00

Linda Hayhurst, Amanda Hayhurst to Hayhurst Rentals – $35,000.00

Pill & Pill, sub trustee for Anna Troynar to Virgil Elkington,  Julie Elkington – $124,044.00

Craig Hart, Deanna Hart to Luis Vasquez  – $81,500.00

Peggy Morgan to Nettie Crow, Mark Sims – $192,000.00

Keith Carpenter to Carpenter Northern Rental – $10.00

Janet Caparese to J. Caparese & Co.

David Wiley, Kimberly Wiley to Patty Espenbaugh – $50,000.00

Linda Kay Carson Keenan,James Thomas Keenan, Jr., Harry Arthur Carson, Norma Jean Carson to Brian Carson, Mark Carson

Stacy McKnight to Daniel Lance, James Walden – $155,000.00