My greatest Christmas memory is from when I was a child, that carried over into my adult life. When we were young, my sister and I, as far back as I can remember, Mom and dad always took us out on Christmas Eve to see the lights. We drove all over the place, up and down main streets, and even out in the country on all the back roads. We loved looking at all the house decorations, seeing who had a tree in their window and who didn’t, who had yard ornaments and who didn’t, or who just had big, bright, white spotlights shining on their house. And then, when we got back home, Santa had been there. My sister and I would be so excited, and couldn’t wait to get home, once we realized we were close.

As my family grew, and our boys got older, Steve and I did the same. We took the boys out looking at lights, and Santa had come and gone while we were away. Both of our boys are getting married next year, and I hope that when the time comes, they carry that tradition on with their families.

Connie Doughty