AND THEN AGAIN…….by Tamara Pettit

…..Memories that span generations are on my mind today.       One of the great things about living in the house in which I grew up is the yard that hosted family events and a porch where a lonely little girl with no kids to play with found that books could be her forever friend and transport her to anywhere she wanted to go.

…… I’ve read that West Virginians value their land more than any other people.  I believe it because every square inch of this soil includes a memory.   It’s not only for me, but Shannon and the kids lived here and reported that one of the kids’ favorite activities was to climb out on the garage roof and watch the cows.    I, too, sometimes watch the cows but prefer to do so from the porch.

…… Shannon,  Addison, Hillary, Abbi and her husband, Brad,  and the grandchildren who we have come to refer to as “the littles” came for a cookout Saturday night. It was 1953 when the house was built and I had my first cookout at age five and I’m here to tell you in 2024 the after-dinner entertainment has not changed.    There is running up the hill behind the house and running down with out falling.    There is rolling down the hill, much more enjoyable now that the hill is not quite so rocky. 

……The tree at the end of the yard is well over 50 years old, but seeing who can get there first never gets old.  Especially when your opponent is Addison who the “littles” simply refer to as “Uncle.”

……And, then there’s Max the dog and a ball.  Who can beat that?    We are a simple people when it comes to summer.  A small child’s laughter, lingering over dessert and knowing that while some things must change, we can take comfort in the knowledge that there remain some pleasures that remain constant.

.…..Since everyone has an opinion on New Cumberland’s new City building, I’m giving mine.  I love it!  Not only did the City need to downsize its offices to a more cost-efficient  building, the location and the building itself make sense.  The building is easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing.  My favorite is the Council meeting room which has a vaulted ceiling.  Mayor Will White told those in attendance at the first Council meeting that he had come into Council Chambers to find City Clerk Tammy Jenkins on a ladder washing and oiling the ceiling beams.  When I stopped by I found Tammy scrubbing the floor the day they moved in.   She and other City employees are to be commended for their hard work on the move.