Adequate ingress and egress to Second and Third Avenue in New Cumberland to allow emergency vehicles access was discussed at Monday’s City Council meeting. Mayor Will White said a recent situation where an emergency vehicle had difficulty making the turn onto the avenue has shown that cars parking to close to an intersection hinders required access. Mayor White said that a Committee will research the situation and report proposed solutions back to Council. Serving on the Committee are Council member Penny Spilecki, Chief of Police Chickie Skinner representates from the New Cumblerland Fire Department.

City Officials are experiencing difficulty getting a response from the State Dept. of Transportation on a timeline to tear down the buildings purchased to construct the new road through New Cumberland. Mayor White said the unoccupied buildings are now vacant and are not only unsightly, but creating problems with rodents and feral cats. Countless calls to DOH regarding the issue have gone unanswered. Councilman Cline, who worked for the State Road is going to attempt to get a response going through local channels.

Mayor White and other city officials met with local resident Lynn Swan regarding a recurring pothole in the alley behind her house. The alley will be chipped and sealed to try to prevent the problem from re-occurring. Other alleys within the City will be visited to determine their need of similar repair.

Complaints regarding pet owners who do not clean up after their dogs when walking them on Ridge, Second and Third Avenues have been lodged. Pet owners are required to do so and according to City Ordinance can be fined for not cleaning up after their dog. One dog station containing bags to pick up after the dog can be found on Ridge Avenue and Council voted to purchase a second station to be located on 2nd or 3rd Avenue.

Work continues on the new City Building with grass being planted and window boxes erected.