Summer just got a whole lot more fun in New Cumberland!

Children visiting New Cumberland’s two playgrounds will soon have even more playground equipment to enjoy. A combination of City funds ($13,500.00), Park Board funds ($13,500.00) and a Pugliese Grant ($15,000.00) the City was recently awarded, is providing $42,000.00 for new playground equipment.

The upgrades will take place at the playground in lower town next to the old Innovative Industries and the playground in the middle of town next to the VFW. According to City Clerk Tammy Jenkins, a spinatorium will be included in the new equipment along with a glidealong rail that will include seats for handicapped youngsters, singing flowers, a generational swing and a pavillion in the lower town park are among the additional attractions. Efforts have been made to include playground equipment for disabled youngsters to ensure they too have the opportunity for fun and learning opportunities.

The improvements are all part of the efforts to improve the city’s offerings and upgrade New Cumberland. Always on the lookout for grants which benefit areas of the city, Jenkins said the Pugilese Grant was a major boost to the funding provided by the City and Park Board. She said the 1 percent of the video lottery revenue which now goes to the incorporated cities which are wholly contained in Hancock County (New Cumberland and Chester) is enabling the town to improve areas within the community.