…….We are a government “of the people….for the people and by the people” the last I checked. But, the Dept. of Transportation evidently failed to get the memo because they ignored the preference of the people AND the people who represent them, when they choose Alternate Route 4 for the Route 2 bypass.
….Del. Randy Swartzmiller shared with me a letter to Sen. Ihlenfeld from the DOT stating they had chosen Alternate 4. DOT Director of Communications Brent Walkers has yet to return a phone call.or e-mail. My instincts told me when the gas company was in town looking to relocate the gas lines and the DOT itself was in town taking soil samples on the path of Alt. 4 that it was a done deal.
… While the Dept of Transportation shares daily the amount awarded for roads throughout the State, apparently they are not the bearer of bad news, preferring to only communicate when citizens and officials are happy with their choice.
…Looks like the gathering and letter writing to communicate the need to take big trucks off Ridge Avenue was an excercize in futility.. Looks like the road may take the path of least resistance and certainly the one that’s least expensive.
..What about transparent and responsive government and what about the $11 million listed for the project instead of the $5.2 million we’re getting? What about bringing us all up to the meeting at the JDR Vocational Center and urging us to send in our choice of the alternate routes one through five. The Dept. of Transportation represented to us that the people would speak and they would listen. I think we did speak very loudly . The Dept. of Highways just said NO
…An update will be provided to Chester City Council by City Solicitor Mike Adams on litigation on Thursday, August 20. Council will convene and then will go into executive session.
….I was wrong on the RV campground occupancies. Some of them I observed have rebounded and are full. Others, however, still look pretty empty. Anyone have any insight as to why that is? Are workers returning to the cracker plant construction?
..I think the color-coded metric of the West Virginia counties makes sense for going back to school decision. The color coding indicates the number of positive COVID cases in the counties. I was happy to hear that Hancock County was coded green which means we’re good to conduct face-to-face instruction. Hopefully, our Board will be cautious and stick to their current plan to open with a blended model of two days in school and three days of remote learning for students. After all the metric is a rolling statistic and what happens if the Saturday prior to school starting there is an uptick in COVID positive cases. I’m reminded that some old western character used to have the motto “Have gun will travel” I guess the teachers’ new slogan can be “have knowledge, will adjust.”
,……Keeping a football schedule intact is a challenge as well. Right now the only County that is totally shut down is Logan which is red. Since the designation is evaluated every Saturday, I’m sure the football schedule stands ready to change as well. Questions on public attendance at the game are swirling but no confirmation as to how social distancing will be achieved if the public is allowed to attend.
….The campgrounds at Tomlinson Run State Park have undergone renovations which campers attending next year will really appreciate. Commissioner Joe Barnabei noted that the new bath houses are complete and ready for use. The bath houses, complete with showers, were made possible by the Commissioners pitching in a on a matching grant with the Division of Tourism.
…..The scare tactics about mail-in voters may deter a lot of people from casting their votes in a very convenient manner. An article on Page 10 should answer all your questions and quell your fears.
……I’ll be sending letters or e-mails to candidates with questions for features in our September editions. We all vote for our elected officials for different reason. I’ve heard them all (I’m kinda like State Farm Insurance) “He’s a nice guy,” “She’s related through my second cousin’s first marriage,” “our kids play football together” and of course, “She’s a Democrat” or “He’s a Republican.” One thing I always look for is “does this candidate know what the duties are for the position?” or “what I can or can’t accomplish in the office” I get really agitated when a candidate promises something that is totallly outside the realm of his/her powers.
….So the criteria I consider when casting my vote for Legislative position are 1)Where do you stand on issues X, Y and Z. 2)What legislation will you introduce? 3)If you are an incumbent, what percentage of the bills you sponsored actually got passed? and 4)Will you be a delegate/senator who is responsive to your constituents. And, even if I like the answers to 1, 2 and 3, I’m still not gonna vote for you if you don’t return my phone calls and e-mails.
……Every year about mid-August I regret that I haven’t indulged in more “porch sittin.” My side porch couldn’t be more perfectly placed for the pastime. The covered porch is in shade by afternoon; the long expanse of lawn with cows grazing across the road makes for quality West Virginia gazing; and it’s rare that a nice breeze doesn’t make it a delightful place to be. In the past though, my summer activities have always kept me from indulging in the pasttime much. The summer of 2020, to be henceforth known as the Pandemic Summer, has slowed the pace quite a bit and I have spent quite a bit of time on the porch. I’m happy about that.