Letter to the Editor

Be a hero, save a life, wear a mask!
Having a taste of illness this year has made me timid and afraid.
Never having been afraid of anything before in my life, this is a very different cloak that I wear. It is neither my size nor color. I do not wish to invite this virus into our lives because I am afraid I no longer have what it takes to fight it. As a result, we have stayed very close to home and have tried to follow Doctor’s and scientist’s guide lines to stay safe.
We weary of the mask wearing and social distancing, as everyone else who has tried to do the right thing. We miss our family and friends. We have missed many milestones we should have shared and been a part of. We are not in the pictures of family get togethers.
I long for a breath of fresh air, from somewhere else, listen to live music, dancing, I miss the Cuban Shuffle for goodness sake! I want to see a movie in a theater and toss my tv and all electronics out of a window. Appreciation of a symphony orchestra in a grand old ornate theater now is part of my dreams. I miss having an adult beverage with our friends and singing with the juke box.
Mostly it is hugs and butterfly kisses from our children and grandchildren that are sorely missed. Hugs from family and friends and shaking hands. Simple things that make us all human, touching without the fear of death. To visit a church, a craft store, slowly walk the aisle of a grocery store and shop. I long to travel by planes, trains and automobiles, and stay in hotels, sit on a beach and swim in a pool.
This has gone on too long now but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We all need to be on the same page with this. Everyone should wear a mask, just in case you are carrying a germ that may kill someone not as resilient as yourself. Be a hero, save a life, wear a mask. Hope to see all of you soon, as we all “Go Outside and Play” and don’t slam the screen door!
Maureen Vulgamore