In a special meeting, the Hancock County Board of Education took the following personnel action:

**Transferred Barb Switzer-Ivey from Assistant Principal to Principal, Weir Middle School;

**Assigned Katharine Krafton to teacher (Grade 5) Oak Glen Middle School and Adam Davis to Multi-Categorical/Autism teacher, Oak Glen Middle School;

**Accepted the resignation of teachers Jenna Richards, Speech-Language Pathologist,Weir Middle; David Thompson, Social Studies, Weir High; Stephanie Pennacchio, countywide substitute; and Michelle Beale, countywide substitute;

**Accepted the resignation of Jordan Allen as Assistant Football Coach, Weir High, and Zachary Hartman, Assistant Football (booster paid) Weir High;

**Approved the assignment of Mitch Wilson to Assistant Wrestling coach, Oak Glen Middle, and Jennifer Snider to Head Cheerleading coach, Oak Glen Middle;

**Transferred Tyler Hamilton from Custodian II, Oak Glen  High/Oak Glen Middle, to Substitute Aide, countywide;

**Approved the assignment of Tina L. Bartley as LPN/Supervisory Aide, Oak Glen Middle.