A fundraiser is being sponsored  by the Hancock County Parks & Recreation Board  on January 29 to raise money for improvements to the Cove Valley Park.   According to Board Chair Nick Travis,  this is the first time the Park Board has had a public fundraiser.  He cited a dire need  to make improvements to Cove Valley Park in Weirton as the reason the Board is fundraising.  .  Cove Valley is one of four parks for which the Park Board holds responsibility:  Gas Valley Park and Sports Complex, Lawrenceville, Clarke Field and Cove Valley Park.

     Hancock County’s budget lists $109,500.00 for Parks & Recreation.   In 2014, Hancock County Commissioners allocated $100,000.00 from the County’s share of the  Hotel Motel Tax to construct restrooms and a concession stand for the Gas Valley Sports Complex.    Travis feels Cove Valley Park would benefit from constructing restrooms and updating  playground and safety equipment .  A letter, signed by Travis, included with details of the fundraiser, said the Park Board also wants to work with “Never Alone”, a faith-based program aiding families of those battling drug addiction and make the parks a “drug-free zone.”

       Currently, Travis and Tiffany Gale remain the only members on the seven-seat Board.  Mallory Markowitz submitted her resignation effective January 1, 2022  at the most recent Commission meeting.  Board President Mary Thorn and Naomi “Willie” Balt have resigned in recent months.  The Commission announced at its most recent meeting, that it has set a meeting with the Park Board on January 27 to discuss direction.

        The event, themed “Puttin on the Ritz”, will be held at  Kozciuszko Hall in Weirton formally known as Victorian Hall.  The event  will include a   sit-down dinner, entertainment  and a Speakeasy with gambling and alcohol  downstairs.  Those attending will purchase “Capone dollars” to use for gambling.    Travis said additional funds will be raised by 50/50 raffles, silent auctions and sponsorships.

    Travis said organizers have checked with the City of Weirton and no permits or licenses are necessary for the event.