Maureen Vulgamore <[email protected]>To:Shannon SayreTue, Dec 14 at 5:55 PM

Christmas Parade

The inaugural “Christmas Walk on River Ave”, after the New Cumberland Parade, initiated by the Riverfest/Parade Committee, has been deemed a success. Not only was it a success but it sparked a glimmer of hope for our country! In our teeny, tiny corner of the world, church members, social club members, firemen, councilmen, policemen, neighbors, students, teachers, the Grinch and Santa and Mrs.Claus, ALL PULLED TOGETHER to provide an enjoyable, beautiful evening in New Cumberland, WV! Although nobody bothered to explain things to Mother Nature! If we can accomplish this, maybe our nation’s leaders can do the same.Thank you everyone for a wonderful evening!

(These pictures were borrowed from Peggy Lee and Dennis Jones, thank you!)