• Greetings to all, my name is Brett Lemley. I am running for office to be your next Hancock County Commissioner.  I was born and raised on a small farm in New Cumberland, where my wife Tracy, daughter Gabrielle, and I, still live today.  In addition to operating my family farm, I am currently an A Operator at ERGON WV, located in Newell.  I’m responsible for the safe operation and production of a large sector of the refinery, which I operate from the console. I am running for office because I believe that it is time to give the people of our community their voice back. My main objective is to get out into the community & learn what matters most to the citizens, then use this platform to help. We need more employment opportunities, high speed internet, updated roadways, and improved overall infrastructure. I firmly believe that our first responders and law enforcement need every resource available to protect our citizens and keep our county safe.  Overall, I want to see our small towns thrive and grow, as they once did. Hancock County should be a place that people are proud to call home, a place where the next generation chooses to raise their families. I do not have a political background, but I am a lifelong resident and I feel that it is my time to give back & help improve Hancock County. I cannot promise anything specific, but I can promise one thing, I will work relentlessly and honestly for the people of this county to try and make a difference. I hope to have your support on Election Day, no matter your political party. I will be out in the community, knocking on your doors and asking for your thoughts and suggestions on how to improve our county. Thank you all!

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