Seth Cheuvront 200 Jefferson Street, Newell 

Why are you running for the Board of Education? I want to work toward the district’s mission of “affording all students the academic and social skills needed to be productive in life.” I want to address issues that might not have been recognized previously, while also helping financially based on previous work experience. We are responsible for educating future members of what should be a productive society.   
“I believe that being part of a younger generation, I can see items that may ‘fall on deaf ears, I believe I can help our county work towards a more goal-focused learning experience to further advance our mission.” I am known for my work throughout the community through non-profit organizations and hope to continue building relationships regardless of election results. 

What qualifications and/or experience would you bring to the position? 

I currently have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. Have worked in the community in various capacities (Volunteer Firefighter, Member of the Emergency Operations Center, Provide Technical Assistance to the Newell City Improvement Coalition). I am a 2014 Graduate of Oak Glen High School.  

With experience in Information Technology as well as having a financial background, I look to offer assistance in whatever capacities possible to ensure our district runs smoothly with knowledgeable and experienced leadership. 

The new Weir High baseball complex and the additional classrooms needed in the county have gone out for bid.   If both projects cannot be funded, what project would you vote to fund and why? 

I think there are benefits to both issues. The foundation on which we operate is education. We educate children to become productive individuals in our communities. Education is a valuable need to function and mature. Sports are also important in the aspect of teamwork and learning various aspects of life. I think both projects hold high value and we should do our best as a Board to search for funding if we cannot support the projects locally. We have vast opportunities to search for the funds needed. Should we not be able to support both projects and our search has been exhausted – I think the project with most bearings at that time should be chosen.  

Do you support using outside legal counsel rather than the services of the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office? 

I think the Board should work with our local community resources as much as possible. If we are unable to come to a resolution with these local resources in a timely manner, we should then proceed with outside resources. We have a fiscal and ethical responsibility to the community and our district. Should we see the need to use outside resources, there should be significant documentation on why we are considering the outside resource. Accountability is key.  

HB 4071 takes away the ability of county boards of education to enact a mask mandate and require COVID testing for students, educators and service personnel, do you support or oppose that legislation? 

I oppose this bill. This should be the decision of the local Board with collaboration of county resources. We know our community best. We should always have the best interest of our students and staff in mind. With knowledge and keeping our priorities in line as a Board, we can make logical decisions to keep everyone safe.