An attempt to place control of personal property and inventory tax in the hands of the legislature was soundly defeated in Tuesday’s 2022 General Election. Sixty-nine percent of West Virginia voters said no to Amendment 2 casting 234,982 votes against while 122,768 voted in favor. Governor Jim Justice criss crossed the state in recent weeks urging voters to vote no on the amendment while the Republican leadership in the House and Senate supported the amendments. Voters received last minute phone calls from both Justice and Sen. Craig Blair touting in a last- minute attempt to sway voters. (Blair identified himself as Lieutenant Governor on the call, a title he legally holds but is rarely used.)

Three other constitutional amendments on the ballot met with a similar fate. Amendment 1, which addressed impeachment proceedings received a negative vote of 267,693 with 195,193 voting in favor. Amendment 3 which allowed churches to incorporate was defeated with 251,970 voting against and 209,787 in favor. Amendment 4 which made policies passed by the State School accountable through the legislative rule making and review process was defeated with 247,171 against and 189,330 in favor.

Hancock County voters continued a long tradition of support for their school levy and library levies. The School Bond Levy passed with 64.4% (5,407 to 2,988) while the Library Levy garnered 63.9% (5,392 to 3,045). A 60 percent supermajority is necessary for passage of levies.

All results are unofficial pending the official canvas of the votes the week following the election.