Christina Fair, 277 Bennett Drive, Weirton

Why are you running for the Board of Education?  Hancock County is a diverse community rooted in traditional values.  These values need to be continuously nurtured and reflected in our schools.  As our children graduate from high school to enter the work force or higher education, I want then to have a foundation of problem-solving skills, ethics and responsibility to family and community.  My input on the Hancock County School Board will be based on this foundation.

What qualifications and/or experience would you bring to the position?

  • My children are graduates of Weir High School and my grandson graduated from Oak Glen High School (2020).  I was actively involved with the school system for all three of them.
  • I am a 2008 Graduate of Franciscan University with a master’s degree in nursing education.  My student teaching was done at the J.D. Rockefeller Career in the Practical Nurse Program.
  • 2000-2010 I was a Board Member for the Hancock County Board of Education.
  • 2000-2011 I was a Board Member for the Autism Training Center at Marshall University.
  • Currently a Board Member of the Hancock County Sheltered Workshop
  • Actively involved with the Autism Society-West Virginia for the past 12 years
  • Served as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and Captain in the United States Air Force

The new Weir High baseball complex and the additional classrooms needed in the community have gone out for bid.  If both projects cannot be funded, what project would you vote to fund and why?   Initially I would fund the classrooms because the children need to be in the most appropriate space for learning. The baseball complex would still have my attention as I looked for funding options.  After being involved in the building of the Oak Glen Middle School, I learned there is always a way to get what is needed for our schools. The county can have both.

Do you support using outside legal counsel rather than the services of the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office?  West Virginia Educational Law is a specialty. I have no problem with retaining the services of the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office.  When an issue or case is more involved and requires in depth knowledge and experience, I want to be able to consult the best person for the School Board.

HB 4071 took away the ability of county boards of education to enact a mask mandate and require COVID testing for students, educators and service personnel, do you support or opposed that legislation?  Every adult can make health care choices for themselves and their family.  This can be done after looking at evidence-based information and various points of view from practicing professionals.  This is personal responsibility.  I support HB 4071.