KNOW THE CANDIDATES: PHIL RUJAK (no photo submitted)

Philip Rujak   1216 Euclid Ave.  Weirton

Why are you running for the Board of Education?   I think our county has some of the best educators this State has to offer, however, we have to have gotten somewhat stale in our approach.   Our leadership needs to be more proactive, more transparent and more in tune with our students’ needs.  I have three major points:  1)our students come first in everything we do; 2)Treat all employees with respect and dignity; and 3)Hold everyone accountable.

What qualifications and/or experience would you bring to the position?  I have a master’s degree in educational leadership and I was a teacher and administrator in Hancock County School system for nearly 16 years.

The new Weir High baseball complex and the new additional classrooms have gone out for bid.   If both projects cannot be funded, what project would you vote to fund and why?  I don’t have the information necessary to make this decision currently, but  I believe that we need to prioritize our projects and schedule them accordingly.

Do you support using outside legal counsel rather than the services of the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office?  I prefer Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office.  If outside counsel is necessary for some particular situations then OK, but HCP to me is perfectly capable.

HB 4071 takes away the ability of county boards of education to enact a mask mandate and require COVID testing for students, educators and service personnel.  Do you support or oppose that legislation?  I think people are  capable of making (their) own decisions on this subject.  Leave the option for who choose to do so.