New Cumberland resident Ed Fields has received the Distinguished Service Award from the West Virginia Secondary School Athletic Commission. 

      “Mr. Fields has been a constant at Oak Glen High School for over 20 years.  A member of the Oak Glen Alumni Association,  Ed has dedicated many hours to the betterment of the entire Hancock County,   not just his alma mater.  He has worked as part of the ‘chain gang’ for the football games, operates the clock for wrestling matches and volunteers as a licensed official for both the high school and middle school track meets.  He has been active in helping to beautify the school from hanging banners, painting and preparing athletic fields for games.  Through the association, he participates and  helps provide resources for the schools’ National Honor Society, prom, honor roll awards, art,  theater and graduation.  The efforts of Mr. Fields can be seen throughout the entire school,” said SSAC officials in making the award

    David Smith, principal of Oak Glen High School,  said, “It is crucial to have those dedicated people who only have the interest in improving our school and environment for our students at Oak Glen High.”

    Athletic Director Dick Shilling said “Oak Glen is a beautiful place because of Ed Fields and people like him who create a positive culture for our students.”