Ted Arneault Jr. – 119 Riverside Dr. , New Cumberland WV
Candidate Age: 39 Years Old

What is your education? What experience would you bring to the job?
I graduated from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2005 with a B.A. in Political Science. I also received a Master’s Degree in educational leadership from Franciscan University in 2010, and received my WV superintendent’s license in 2021. I have over 15 years of various experience in education as a teacher, coach, and administrator. I have also spent significant time around the business and political community since adolescence.

What do you believe to be the primary responsibility of the County Commission?
To ensure that the day-to-day administration of the county is properly managed and to verify that the county is put in a position to capitalize on resources already available at the state and federal level. The commission should also facilitate every available avenue to promote economic growth and opportunity for emerging industries. I also believe that it’s the job of the commission to make sure that our first responders are properly equipped with everything they need to ensure safety.

What qualities do you possess that prepare you for the County Commission seat?
I have taught or coached at three of the county high schools. Although each community is uniquely different, economic opportunity is critical to all young adults in Hancock County. I believe energy and manufacturing will be the main sources of growth in the county. I have had extensive experience through my family’s energy business to know what is needed from the county commission to attract growth to the county, and that our small business owners already here will have the chance to flourish as well. The commission can’t directly create jobs, but they can and absolutely need to be relentless in the promotion of our county’s existing assets.

Hancock County has experienced both population and industry/business loss in the past ten years. What do you believe the Commissioners can do to reverse both losses?
The future of Hancock County will be in using the county’s resources to maintain and grow jobs in the future. We have excellent teachers who care about the holistic growth of students. The staff in our schools not only care about achievement, but also the well-being of our students. We also have one of the best technical educational facilities in the area in the JDR vocational center. We are in close proximity to an international airport. We have energy development surrounding Hancock County that will provide opportunities to use the Ohio river and lands available in Hancock County for economic development. We can also brag about how incredibly safe our law enforcement officers have kept Hancock County. The Commission can use its influence through regulatory and legal actions to ensure that all of these assets are working together to create jobs here.

The County spends $30,000.00/year on membership in the Business Development Corporation of the Northern Panhandle. Two of our municipalities (Chester and New Cumberland) no longer hold membership in the BDC. Do you support continuing the Commission’s membership? Do you think to date the County has gotten an acceptable return on its investment?
The sharp decline of population and economic growth is very concerning to me. If we want to keep young families in the area we have to look at every avenue. The business development corporation has not lived up to its potential – The results simply aren’t demonstrated. While greater economic forces are in play, we have to be more proactive about mitigating losses to our local economy. I believe the County commission should lead a review of this organization to ensure that the entire county is represented in working with business and industry. The main goal must include keeping and attracting businesses that create jobs and contribute to the dwindling tax base. I do not believe our potential has been maximized and a re-examination of cooperation between the commission and the BDC should be a top level priority for The Commission.

Senate Bill 12, passed in 2021, gives County Commissions the opportunity to review and approve, amend or rescind any rules and regulations adopted by the Hancock County Health Board. Under what circumstances would you vote to rescind actions of an appointed board,
The health department has had an incredibly difficult responsibility the past couple of years. I have great admiration for the work they have completed to keep us safe, especially with their constraints in place at the state level. I have had to work with them closely as the head football coach the past couple of years to keep our student/athletes both active and safe. The County commission has to maintain its administrative oversight, but rely on the expertise of the health department to promulgate regulations and manage its operations. If it’s determined by the County commission that the regulator oversight of the health commission has been exceeded, either economically or administratively, it’s its responsibility to step in and review any actions with the health board before taking any resending actions.

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