Highest Honor Students for the class of 2022- Ethan Arner, Sophia Arner, McKenna Calahan, Nathan Carson, Hayden Clunk, Martina Fish, Paige Hooker, Aryel Kintyhtt, Nathan Lang, Kaylea Lantz, Kennedy McGeehan, Madison McKay, Phoebe Molish, Lyndsay Reynolds, Connor Richards, Ava Ross, Grace Smith, Brooklyn Watts, Matthew Weber, Austin Williams, Gracie Wright, Katie Zoellers, Makayla Zoellers

US Marine Corp-Ethan Arner, Talia Kosonovich, Kaylea Lantz, Madison McKay

Cleda Marie Fitzjohn Memorial Music Trust-Talia Kosonovich

OG Band Boosters Scholarship-Talia Kosonovich

Promise Scholarships– Ethan Arner, Sophia Arner, Alexia Brown, Hayden Clunk, Martina Fish, Paige Hooker, Sophia Kefer, Nathan Lang, Kaylea Lantz, Kennedy McGeehan, Lyndsay Reynolds, Connor Richards, Ava Ross, Xavier Russell, Grace Smith, Andrew Snyder, Cameron Tropeck, Brooklyn Watts, Austin Williams, Mason Wilson, Gracie Wright, Katie Zoellers, Makayla Zoellers

West Liberty University-McKenna Calahan, Grace Smith, Matthew Weber, Mason Wilson, Katie Zoellers

West Virginia University Scholarships-Ethan Arner, Sophia Arner, Hayden Clunk, Madison Harding, Paige Hooker, Nathan Lang, Kaylea Lantz, Ethan Lively, Lyndsay Reynolds, Connor Richards, Gracie Wright

Fairmont State College– Emma Renfro, Xavier Russell

WV Northern Community College Scholarship-Phoebe Molish

Mary E Watson Memorial Scholarship-Franklin Postlethwait

Mark McGeehan Memorial Award-Phoebe Molish

Kurt Culler Memorial Scholarship– Madison McKay

Helen T Hamill Memorial Scholarship– Phoebe Molish

Stephen F Kourpas Memorial Scholarship– Ethan Lively, Emma Renfro

Linda Wiersbicki Memorial Scholarship-McKenna Calahan

Wanda Six Memorial Scholarship– Paige Hooker, Andrew Snyder

Newell Lion’s Club Scholarship-Lauren Johnston, Mason Wilson

Lions Club Scholar of the Month-Madison McKay

Medical Staff of ELCH– Gracie Wright

American Legion Post 121 Scholarships-Lauren Johnston, Kennedy McGeehan, Emma Renfro

Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship– Xavier Russell

National Honor Society Scholarship-Austin Williams

Marshall University Scholarships-Caleb Cline, Alton Conley, Paydon Conley, Ava Ross, Xavier Russell, Cameron Tropeck, Austin Williams, Charidy Ward

Community Foundation of the Ohio Valley Scholarship-Kennedy McGeehan, Madison McKay, Phoebe Molish, Katie Zoellers

Never Alone Tony Ruszkowski Memorial Scholarship-Emma Renfro

OG Grapplers Club Scholarship-Clayton Lamb

OG Soccer Boosters Scholarship-Mason Wilson

WV Federation Women’s Club Scholarship-Phoebe Molish

New View Community Educational Outreach Service Scholarship– Ethan Arner

PEO Chapter AB/Weirton Local Scholarship-Katie Zoellers

Okey Sayre Memorial Scholarship-Connor Richards

Basil’s Sports Bar Scholarship– Sophia Arner

Pittsburgh Maritime Assoc Scholarship– Lyndsay Reynolds

Larson Educational Trust Fund Scholarship– Kennedy McGeehan

Weirton Medical Center Scholarship-Phoebe Molish

Weirton Rotary-Hayden Clunk

Pt Pleasant Ladies Aide Society Scholarship-Gracie Wright

Hancock County Retired Teachers Assoc Scholarship– Madison McKay

Charles M. Pugliese & Thelma M. Pugliese Scholarships-Lauren Johnston, Kennedy McGeehan, Grace Smith

John & Lida Troop Scholarship-Ethan Arner, Sophia Arner, Paige Hooker, Nathan Lang, Emma Renfro, Connor Richards, Katie Zoellers, Makayla Zoellers