Hancock County voters will be asked to renew a five-year levy which provides $8.6 million per year to the County school system on November 8.      The levy  will go into effect July 1, 2024 and will run through 2028.  Hancock County voters have consistently approved all school levies put before them  .    No rates are changed in the new levy and the funds will be distributed as follows.

**$80,000.00 – Instructional extra supplies, equipment, classroom

**$60,000.00 – Improved access to purchase computer equipment both hardware, software

**$974,724.00 – Improvements to outdoor athletic fields, grounds and indoor gym.  Also roof replacement,  heating  and air conditioning

**$60,000.00 – Copiers & supplies

**$70,000.00 – Professional services to deal with child abuse, child neglect

**$40,000.00 – WVU Extension services

**$350,000.00 – free lunch and breakfast for students

**$350,000.00 – Legal, medical services for homebound, occupational & physical therapy; hearing

**$750,000.00 – School safety & security improvements, Police Resource Office, exit/entrance doors

**$4,300,000.00 – Professional & administrative salary supplement

**$150,000.00 – Extra duty wages, athletic trips

**$585,000.00 – Extra curricular athletic positions

**$275,000.00  Substitutes, professional & service personnel

**$550,000.00 – Dental & optical coverage for eligible employees