The The Hancock County Board of Education voted to approve the following personnel actions at its Monday meeting:

**Accepted the resignation of Richard Shilling as Oak Glen’s Athletic Director:

**Approved transfers for Jennifer Jones, countywide substitute teacher, to Multi-categorical/Autism, Weir Middle; Adam Davis, Multi-categorical/Autism, Oak Glen Middle to Grade 8, Oak Glen Middle; Rebecca Vanderham, Grade 2, New Manchester, to Grade 5, Oak Glen Middle; Molly Gibbs, substitute teacher, countywide, to Grade 8, Oak Glen Middle,

**Approved the following teaching assignments: Sandi Hissom, Multi-Categorical/Autism, New Manchester Elementary; Katelyn Garland, Math 8, Weir Middle; Natasha Jobe, Multi-Categorical/Autism, Oak Glen High; Kayla Randazzo, teacher, PE, Weir Middle; Katle Carlisle, Grade 8, Oak Glen Middle;

**Approved unpaid days off for Beverly Dawson, Secretary, Board Office;

**Accepted the resignation of Kimberlee Beagle, substitute custodian,

**Approved classified transfers for Linda Nicoles, Sup Aide II-IVl/ECCAT K Weirton Elementary to Supervisory Aide II-IV/ECCAT placement first grade, New Manchester Elementary; Holly Winterrowd, Sup. Aide/ECCAT.AM preK, Weirton Elmentary to Supervisory Aide II-IV/ECCAT placement – first grade, New Manchester Elementary;

Lee Ann Bryan, LPN/AM Adie, New Manchester Elementary; Supervisory Aide II-IV; ECCAT Placement, First Grade, New Manchester Elementary; Robert D. Bozek, Supervisory Aide/AM, Weirton Elementary to Supervisory Aide II-IV/ECCA, Placement First Grade, Allison Elementary; Myrtle Shields, Supervisory Aide/AM, Weirton Elementary, to Supervisory Aide II-IV/ECCAT Placement – First Grade, Weirton Elementary;

**Classified substitutes transferred included Terri Frye, countywide, substitute aide, to Supervisory Aide II-IV/ECCAT, First Grade, Weirton Elementary; Diane Greco, county substitute aide to Supervisory Aide II_IV/ECCAT, First Grade, Weirton Elementary; Rachel Peterson, Substitute Aide, countywide to Supervisory Aide II-IV/ECCAT to First Grade Weirton Elementary; Miranda Gibson, countywide substitute aide to Supervisory Aide II-IV.ECCAT, Placement First Grade Weirton Elementary; Casey Kell, Substitute Aide countywide to Supervisory Aide II_IV/ECCAT Weirton Elementary; Deedy Holbrock, Substitute Cook to Supervisory Aide II-IV/ECCAT to First Grade, Weirton Elementary

**Approved as substitute service personnel were Bevery Merico- aide; Donna Gialluci, aide; Jamie Moore, aide; Carol Zanelli, aide; Judy Mullins, bus driver; Larry Shane, bus driver; Michael Watkins, Sr., bus driver;; Richard Kaczmarek, bus driver; Michael Clark, bus operator; Jeffrey Roth, bus operator; Richard Antol, bus operator, Collin Finch, bus operator, Glen Barlow, bus operator, John Barber,bus operator, Diane DiPasquale, cook, Gena Rhodes, cook, Alisa Hitt, cook, Sarah Morris, cook,  Candid Arango, custodian, Jerri Bucci, custodian, Linda Heiserman, mail clerk, Penny Lahr, secretary, Betsy Anderson, Secretary, Diane Rocchio, secretary, and Fran Games, secretary.