The Hancock County Board of Education acted on personnel issues at a special meeting Monday, Sept. 5. and took the following action:

** Amy Wilson was named Asst. Principal of Oak Glen Middle School’

**Patricia Boniti was transferred from countywide substitute teacher to Grade 2, Weirton Elementary;

**Accepted a resignation from Kyna Maradei as a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst;

**Accepted the resignation as a Assistant Wrestling Coach, Oak Glen;

**Approved the assignment of Jason Wiley, assistant Oak Glen High football coach, and Ryan Wells, as assistant football coach, Oak Glen Middle;

**Extra-curricular assignments were approved for Gina Reiter, Weir High Student Council, and Mandy McGeehan, Sophomore, Oak Glen High;

**Classified assignments were approved for Teresa K, Jones, Supervisory Aide/AM, Weirton Elementary; Lisa Hatala, Supervisory Aide/ECAT, Weirton Elementary; Karli Sutton, Supervisory Aide II-IV/ECCAT, Weirton Elementary;

**Substitute aides named were Kelsey Cole, Shana Adams, Anna Straight, Anna Straight, Alicia Railing, Trey Jeter;

**Richard Antol was transferred from substitute bus driver to bus operator 137;

**Phillip Sutton was transferred from substitute custodian to custodian II, Oak Glen Middle’