The regular meeting of the Hancock County Museum Commission was called  to order at 2:00 pm by President Vivian Weigel who also led in the pledge to the flag.  Those attending were:  Vivian Weigel, Marcus Trelaine, Alice Mitchell, Kathy Beagle, John Speerhas, and Doris Cameron.  Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as mailed.   Treasurer Marcus Trelaine presented the financial statement which was placed on file for audit Marcus reported all corrected back tax statements filed and up-to-date.    President Vivian Weigel recommended we submit the names of Kathy Beagle and John Speerhas to the County Commissioners to be installed as Commissioners on the Hancock County Museum Commission.  Unanimously accepted.   During the storm last week a very large branch of a tree in the back yard was struck down.  Our lawn service maintenance said he would clean it up and haul it away for $300.  Membership agreed to pay the extra fees.  Janet Keller sent word she has two items for the museum and also wants to participate in the assembly of a basket for the Riverfest.   The gift of a vintage doll from Holly Janeart; and a gift of ten New Cumberland High School Graduation Programs from 1936 through 1944 was received from Ms. Sharri Brown of Gold River, California.  Secretary will send proper acknowledgements.  Everyone available will meet Friday evening, Sept. 22nd to set up for Riverfest, and sign up for a work shift Saturday 10am to 8:30pm or Sunday 12noon to 5:00pm.            Summer Lectures Series dates are in conflict right now so confirmed plans will be announced later.            Our next meeting will be October 4th at 2:00 pm at the museum.            The business of the day being completed the meeting was adjourned.