Bill Kiefer (Dec 30, 1945 – Dec. 15, 2022)  passed away Dec. 15, 2022 at his home in New Manchester surrounded by his loving family and friends.  He is missed tremendously. To say that the qualities that endeared him to each of us in life are missed even more after his passing is an understatement.   His memory was astonishing for he never forgot a person, an event or a miniscule fact of history or law. When he entered Bethany College he found the place where he would grow and discover not only his potential, but his love of academia and his excitement for the process of learning.   Bethany would become his home for four years prior to getting his law degree at Pitt,  but his commitment to seeing  Bethany survive and flourish remained for all the years of his life.  He brought the same dedication to Weirton Steel where he served as legal counsel and vice president of administration until it was almost time to shut the doors.

Billwas a kind and gentle soul who cared about others and their problems and went to extraordinary lengths to help them. When he saw an injustice, he was compelled to do everything he could to make it right and there were many times he did so without taking credit for his efforts.  He had great joy and at every opportunity he shared it.

He was quick to tell a joke and irreverent in the face of pomposity.   The world is a better place because of the he spent with us  and we, who had the privilege to share his time, are better humans having known and loved him.