The Hancock County Board of Education recognized last year’s winners of the Golden Horseshoe Award at its June 14th meeting.    Now completing their freshman year, the four Golden Horseshoe winners received the award during their eighth-grade year, but due to the Covid pandemic were not able to be recognized by the Board at that time.  Recognized were Sophia Diaz, Weir Middle; Kassie Gorby, Oak Glen Middle; Madalyn Roberts, Oak Glen Middle; and Anthony McKay, Weir Middle.

        The longest running program of its kind in any of the states, the Golden Horseshoe award is presented  annually to the highest scoring eighth-grade students on the West Virginia Golden Horseshoe test.  The program began in 1931 as a way to promote knowledge and pride in the State of West Virginia.   The small golden horseshoe award  presented to the winners, however, had its origins in 1716 when the Governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood, saw the need for exploration of the land west of the Allegany Mountains, most of which is now West Virginia.   The Governor organized a party of 50 men, all of whom adopted ‘sic jurat trancendere monte”  as their pledge which means “thus he swears to cross the mountain.”  Upon crossing the mountains, Governor Spotswood presented each of his party with a small Golden Horseshoe pin.   The pin symbolizes the students’ knowledge and understanding of their proud West Virginia heritage.

      In other business, the Board:

**Accepted the resignation of Leslie Petrelakis, teacher at Weirton Elementary, and Joyce Brothers, substitute teacher, countywide;

**Accepted the coaching resignations of David Thompson, Head Bowling, Weir High; John McGowan, Head Swimming, Weir High; and Robert Bozek, Assistant Wrestling, Oak Glen Middle;

**Accepted the extra-curricular resignation of Jeff Hardy, JDRIV Career Center, as Skills USA sponsor, and National Tech Honor Society;

**Accepted the resignation of James Pendergast, Custodian II, Weirton Elementary;

**Approved the Coaching assignments of Jeffrey Dopp, Assistant Girls’ Soccer, Weir High; Robert Bozek, Assistant Football, Oak Glen High; and Ray Six, Assistant Volleyball, Oak Glen Middle;

**Transferred Raegan Stead from Assistant Girls’ Basketball coach, Weir Middle, to Assistant Girls’ Basketball, Weir High;

**Approved the following transfers: Cody Tanley, Substitute Custodian, Countywide, to Custodian II, Oak Glen Middle; Tyler Hamilton, Secretary II, Weirton Elementary, to Custodian II, Oak Glen High; Jason Poulton, Substitute Custodian, countywide, to Custodian II, Weir Middle; Thanachakorn Boehm from Substitute Aide, countywide to Supervisory Aide III-IV AM, Weirton Elementary; Joseph Ballato, Supervisory III/AM, New Manchester Elementary to Supervisory Aide III-IV/ECCAT/AM, Weirton Elementary, Brenda Evans, Substitute Aide, countywide, to Supervisory Aide III-IV/AM, Weir High; and Alicia Railing Supervisory IV/ECATT/AM Autism Mentor to Supervisory Aide III-IV/AM, New Manchester Elementary.

**Approved the purchase of three buses:  77-passenger, 2022 model, Thomas Saf-T-Liner C2 at $97,571.00 each.  The buses meet all Federal and West Virginia requirements for school bus construction,

**Announced the Board will meet again Monday, June 28, 2021 at 5 p.m.