AND THEN AGAIN…….by Tamara Pettit

……Will we have snow yet? A bunny wreathe sits patiently waiting to be hung, but I’m not convinced. My oldest grandchild, Hillary was born in early March during a snowstorm that closed roads in Charleston, WV. I look at the bunny and say “soon, soon.”

…….And Roberta Bunny, our social commentary on the changing world of women will make an appearance the week before Easter year. It’s been a killer year, but I have to keep remembering what a resilient bunny Roberta was.

….Looks like Governor Justice may get his wish for the 2023 legislative session.   In a release from his office Sat. he said a deal had been reached between the House and Senate  on his tax reduction bill.   Justice said that the $750 million personal income tax rebate on car tax;   50 % of tax on inventory and  machinery and other components of his bill were intact. I read this morning that the Senate was playing with the percentages. Ain’t nothin over til the clock strikes midnight and the legislature adjourns “sine die.” (not for recall.)

    “I applaud the House and Senate for their hard work.” said Juatice

  ….But, I don’t think any one worked harder than the Governor.” Agree with him or not, his determination and work ethic are pretty awesome.

……..Look for a major change in th gaming revenue and operation if a bill to allow full casino satellites      passes.        Sen. Finance Charir represents Kanawha County and his plans to   renovate the Charleston Centre Mall include bring a full casino minus racing to the facility.  The Mardis Gras Casino is the last dog  track in the state.  Under the bill, racetracks can establish  a satellite within 20 miles in a building they own or lease.  All the gambling entertainment including machines, but sports betting and table games,  Amazing how times have changed .   20 years ago the mall was flourishing, now only one anchor store remains

….Could Mountaineer do the same thing? Since a bill can’t be written with specificity, if it met the criteria it could. Would it? I doubt it. From my very limited vantage point the track keeps a low profile and has limited the hours of both the Mahoghany and LaBonneVie. Sadly, it has become what we in the industry used to refer to as a “grunt joint.” Just gambling and no ammenties.

…It was the news  we all had been awaiting.  Governor Justice , Sec. of Economic Development Mitch Carrmichae, Senators and Delegates with the exception of Del. Pat McGeehan were on hand as the Gov. signed the bill enabling Form Energy to come to Hancock County. McGeehan vehemently opposed the legislation citing long-gone investors and waxing eloquently about the constitution. McGeehan who is pursuing his doctorate at Carnegie Mellon might wax eloquent about the Constitution at some other time, but the issue on the table was jobs averaging $63,000/year, that a parent’s ability to feed a family.     I’m not waxing eloquent, I speak from 11 years experience as a delegate. The first rule of being a delegate is to know your constituents. Are they fairly well off like the Eastern Panhandle and worried about social issues or are they unemployed or their kids are leaving to find work. That’s District 1, The second rule is you’re they to serve your constituents, not to use your position as a bully pulpit to espouse your beliefs. Appears McGeehan has a handle on neither.  I predict substantive competition next election..